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Upgrade Your Locks to Anti Snap or Ultion Locks in Corby

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Anti Snap Locks & Ultion Lock Upgrade in Corby

Have you ever had your home broken into? Or has a close friend or family member been the victim of a burglary? With the tens of thousands of burglaries that are reported every month in the UK, many of us have been the victim of a break in or know somebody that has.

Break ins can drastically shake your confidence in the overall security of your home, but for many break ins, there is only one target – the back door. Very often, the back door is seen as a weak point in a home’s security system, and the lock is commonly the reason why.

Once you remove the door handle, the front section of standard locks are very often not as secure as you might like – making crimes like lock snapping all too common. Thankfully, there is a solution to tackling poor-quality locks, and it comes in the form of Ultion lock systems and Anti Snap locks.

At Locksmiths Corby, we can fit all forms of high security lock to give you a peace of mind about the strength of your home security and reduce your vulnerability to lock snapping.

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Anti snap lock upgrades & ultion lock upgrades Corby

Anti Snap Locks Corby

Anti Snap Lock Upgrades in Corby

It’s very difficult to construct a lock cylinder that is strong enough to withstand significant force from an intruder, however, the design Anti Snap locks makes even extreme force much less effective. If an Anti Snap lock is forced, then it’s designed in such a way as to snap in the right place.

With Anti Snap cylinder locks, there are multiple defence sections that make the entire system very hard to manipulate using common techniques. The cylinder in the lock is difficult to grip, the bars are reinforced, and the cylinder has additional reinforcement.

Ultion Lock Upgrades in Corby

Designed to resist pressure, common lock snapping techniques, and other techniques like lock drilling, lock picking, and lock bumping, a Ultion lock is a very secure mechanism to upgrade your doors with.

From the high-strength core to the frontal sections that are designed to keep the lock secure even when snapped, this lock is a prime choice for homeowners after a lock that can keep their home safe. Thanks to the ‘lockdown mode’, the lock will release additional security when compromised whilst still allowing you to easily leave your home, via the lock, after the immediate danger has passed.

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Why Should I Fit an Anti Snap or Ultion Lock?

It’s easy to forget about door locks when every day they serve their purpose and lock the front or back door when you return home or go out. However, it only takes one event where the locks are put to the test to make you realise just how important high-security locks are.

Installing Anti Snap locks or a Ultion lock is a great preventive measure to take to make sure that your home is secure before any event happens where the locks are put to the test.

Whether you opt for a Ultion cylinder lock or an Anti Snap cylinder lock, you’ll get a peace of mind that, if the worst does happen, your home is prepared.

Anti Snap Locks Corby

Your Local Corby Locksmiths

At Locksmiths Corby, we are trained and experienced in fitting both Ultion locks and Anti Snap locks. All our lock upgrades are British Standard and insurance approved, so whether you need a Ultion lock for your home or an Anti Snap lock for your commercial building, we always have you covered.

For a local locksmith service that you can trust to secure your home or workplace, call Locksmiths Corby any time of the day or night.

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