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Ultion Locks Upgrades in Nottingham, Upgrade Your Locks to Anti Snap Locks

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Anti Snap & Ultion Lock Upgrade in Nottingham

Burglaries are an ever-present threat in the UK, and the doors of a property are one of the main areas that are targeted. Often, it’s a process of snapping the existing lock that is used to gain entry into a property, even if the door is firmly locked when you go out or return home.

As the euro cylinders on a lot of doors are quite weak, it can be much easier to gain access to a locked property than many people realise. To keep your home or business safe, it’s worth considering a system that offers more protection than the standard lock systems on most off-the-shelf doors.

There are many options for enhanced locking systems, but quality Ultion locks and Anti Snap locks are two of the best options on the market. The two locking systems are slightly different, but both provide a higher level of home security than many standard locks.

At Locksmith Nottingham, we can provide and fit an upgraded Ultion lock or Anti Snap locks to your doors. Not sure whether Anti Snap locks for UPVC doors, or a Ultion lock system is right for your doors? It’s worth taking a closer look at both.

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Anti Snap Locks Nottingham

Anti Snap Locks Nottingham

Anti Snap locks are specially designed to prevent lock snapping, which is quite common in UPVC doors. The two-part system can help to prevent intruders gaining access to a property even in the event of the front part of the lock being broken.

In between the two parts of the cylinder there is an additional barrier, this keeps the lock in a usable condition so that you have time to get the lock replaced if damage is sustained to the front. Anti Snap locks are strong and durable, with additional reinforcement to help to keep your home safe from intruders.

Ultion Locks Nottingham

Ultion locks are highly secure and, in many cases, can prevent intruder access for a lot longer than standard locking systems. The system is built with ‘disposal’ frontal sections, and a high security additional lock.

The smart lock is capable of detecting the signs of a forced entry and acting upon them. In the event of somebody trying to force entry, an attack lock is released, which is much more secure that the frontal sections. This additional lock is highly protected and very difficult for an intruder to reach and compromise.

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Why Should I Fit an Anti Snap or Ultion Lock?

Standard locks can easily be compromised, sometimes in the space of seconds. This can allow an intruder safe passage into your home or business premises without making much noise.

Between the ability to pick standard locks and the ability to snap them, the lock that came with your door is not always the best one to keep your home secure.

Investing in an Anti Snap euro lock or Ultion cylinder lock will provide you with a peace of mind about the security of your home by giving you the knowledge that you have gone one step further to protect your family and your belongings.

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If you’re looking to upgrade your existing locks to Anti Snap cylinder locks or an Ultion lock, then the experts at Locksmith Nottingham can help. Whether you need advice about the best Anti Snap locks or Ultion lock for your home, or if you want your locks to be upgraded, please don’t hesitate to call us today

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